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What Sets Us Apart

Compassionate, High-Quality Dental Care for Your Family

For Dr. Shilpa Desai and her team, dentistry is more than working on teeth. For us, it’s about connecting with the person who owns the smile, learning their needs, and working with them to achieve the health-filled, lovely smile they desire.

Our practice was established more than 30 years ago. Dr. Desai took it over in 2009 and since then we’ve grown through referrals from our patient family. Nothing makes us happier than to welcome a new patient and hear that one of their friends has sent them to us. It’s the highest compliment we can receive!

What’s Unique About Desai Dental?

Ours is a small, independent office. This affords us the time and freedom to care for you with respect and compassion, and treat you as we would wish to be treated.

Dr. Desai and our team members are committed to:

  • Ensuring our office is warm and welcoming, so you feel secure and at home during visits
  • Spending time talking with you, learning your dental concerns, smile goals, and what you need to make a visit pleasant
  • Delivering the highest quality of dentistry, with each visit tailored to your specific concerns and goals
  • Offering personalized dental education, teaching you about your unique oral health and how it’s connected to your body’s health, and empowering you to make positive changes to ensure a healthy smile and overall wellness
  • Acknowledging, without judgment, the reality of dental anxiety and helping you work through any worries you might have
  • Making procedures painless and worry-free, using The Wand® STA (single-tooth anesthesia) for injections and explaining each step of every procedure so there are no surprises
  • Respecting your time and money, with easy scheduling, running on time, and scheduling enough time that you don’t feel rushed, and offering a range of financial options

We promise always to listen to you and seek to understand what you need and desire. We want you to know we care about you personally, and are here to help you achieve your healthiest, happiest smiles!

Schedule a Visit

Please contact our patient-centered dental office, in Orlando, FL, to learn more and schedule a visit for yourself or a loved one with Dr. Desai. We serve College Park, Winter Park, and communities throughout the Orlando area, and look forward to serving you and your family!



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