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Take Home Whitening

Tooth Whitening Options

How much do love to have a brighter whiter smile? Teeth can get pale for various reasons beyond your control. Luckily you have two options to regain a bright smile. Tooth whitening is available as an in office professional procedure at Desai Clinic, or you can opt for a take-home whitening DIY procedure. Both options will normally use chemicals which whiten your teeth by releasing hydrogen peroxide onto your teeth. Professional cleaning at the office can give you very noticeable improvement of about seven shades in a couple of hours at the clinic.


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Dentists will protect your gums against the bleaching action because they use a more concentrated chemical to give you faster whitening. Your dentist can also use laser light to promote the whitening process.  But if you cannot afford to spend time at the clinic, or don’t want to spend the money, you can use the take home option.

Take-home Whitening

In Take-home whitening again you have many choices. These are:

  • Use of whitening tooth pastes
  • Over the counter DIY whitening kits
  • Home whitening with custom trays.

Whitening Tooth Pastes

This is the cheapest option and demands no special procedure. Although most tooth pastes have some abrasives to remove stains from your teeth special whitening tooth pastes also have a polishing compounds which can easily give you a shade of improvement at very little cost. Of course you should use these tooth pastes regularly for some time.

Over-the-counter DIY Whitening Kitsteeth-whitening

Whitening kits are available over the counter and are quite economical. These may come in the form of strips or gels to be applied to the teeth once or twice a day for about two weeks. Some kits will have application trays which are to be worn over the teeth somewhat like the teeth guard.  These gel-filled trays are to be worn for a few hours every day for a few weeks. The active ingredient is again the peroxide. Care has to be taken to avoid the peroxide acting on the gums which can get bleached or even burnt. For this reason take-home kits do not have as concentrated a chemical the one used by your dentist.

Home Whitening with Custom Trays

DIY kits will come with trays that are expected to fit every one. Obviously, they will not fit perfectly. They may feel awkward and are likely to leak the chemical onto the gums. This can result in discolored or even burnt gums. For this reason your dentist at Desai clinic can make you custom trays which will fit your teeth perfectly. You can safely wear these trays at home according to instructions given by the dentist, and get very good results. Of course, these results cannot be expected to match the results of professional whitening at the Desai clinic.


The whitening processes can lead to slight teeth sensitivity in some people. It may be useful to consult your dentist before you adopt a whitening option. It is also advisable that you choose a take home whitening kit in consultation with your dentist, who will advise you while keeping your dental and esthetic needs in mind.


If your teeth got pale, they will tend to get pale again unless you remove the causes of paleness.  You will have to repeat the whitening process, more often in case of take-home whitening, and much less in case of professional in-office whitening. To reduce the frequency of whitening, always use strict oral hygiene which means brushing and flossing regularly, eating a healthy, tooth friendly diet; and avoiding in-between snacks, tea, coffee, alcohol, and smoking.

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