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Intraoral Dental Pictures

Most of the dental structures are not directly visible to the dentists through the naked eye. As a result, they have to rely upon digital radiographic films and colored pictures to completely visualize various vital structures present inside the oral cavity. Gone are the days when the dentists had to wait for hours to get the radiographic films developed through manual procedures. Now, with the help of digital dentistry, it is just a matter of one click and Voila! You have a high quality digital image of the oral cavity in your hands!

Digital Photography and Intraoral Dental Pictures

Digital dental photography involves the use of cutting edge digital cameras and radiographic equipment to take high resolution pictures of dental structures and tissues. Wondering what are the benefits of digital intraoral pictures and how would they help in quick and accurate diagnosis of dental problems? Here are a few:

High Quality Images

digital intraoral images produce very high quality images of the dental structures in which, the visualization vital dental organs become quite easy which was previously very difficult during the days when digital photography had not been introduced.

Patient Education

it is not possible for the patients to have a look inside their mouth with their own eyes. As a result, intraoral images can serve as excellent tools for the educating patients regarding their dental problems.

Time Saving

digital dental images can be taken and analyzed in seconds! As a result, the dental team not only spend lesser time on developing intraoral images, but they can also utilize this saved time in providing better dental care to their patients.

Less Expensive

digital intraoral films are much less expensive than the conventional radiographic pictures.

How can Intraoral Films Help with My Diagnosis?

Intraoral pictures and radiographs provide a very detailed and thorough picture of the dental structures present inside the oral cavity. This helps the dentist in quickly figuring out any dental problem, thereby ensuring quick diagnosis as well treatment initiation.

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