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Implant Supported Dentures

Tired of wearing your dentures that never fit properly? What if you could enjoy the same comfort and convenience from your dentures that you had with your natural teeth? Yes! Implant supported dentures have made it possible for you!


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What Are Implant Supported Dentures?

An implant supported denture, or an overdenture is a removable appliance rest over and derive their stability and retention from dental implants, unlike the conventional dentures which are supported by their underlying bone and soft tissues. The best thing about implant supported dentures is that they offer the same level of comfort, convenience and durability which is a hallmark of the dental implants.

Who Can Benefit from Them?

Basically, all individuals who have lost some or all of their natural teeth can benefit from implant supported dentures:

  • Not Satisfied with Conventional Dentures – implant supported dentures can prove to be an excellent treatment option for those patients who are not satisfied with the fit or comfort of their conventional dentures.
  • Poor Quality or Quantity or Jaw Bones – sometimes, provision of conventional dentures is not possible in cases where there is an insufficient quality or quantity or remaining alveolar bone. In these cases, 3-4 implants can be placed in each jaw to support a complete denture.
  • Long Term Tooth Replacement – if you require a durable option for the replacement of your missing teeth, then the implant supported dentures are best for you.

How Are Implant Supported Dentures Prepared?Implant Supported Dentures

The fabrication of dentures that are to be attached to the implants is similar to that of the conventional dentures. However, different types of precision attachments are provided over the implant as well as the fitting surface of dentures, so as to improve their fit and stability. Usually, 3-4 implants in each jaw are sufficient for providing sufficient retention and stability to each overdenture. Once the implants are placed in each jaw and sufficient healing has taken place, the procedure for fabrication of the dentures is initiated.

What Types of Precision Attachments Are Used?

Two types of precision attachment systems can be used for implant supported dentures:

  • Bar Retained Attachments – in this system, a long bar that covers the complete span of each jaw is provided over the implants. On the fitting surface of the dentures, corresponding attachment mechanism is attached, such that the denture becomes snugly fit inside the mouth after the engagement of both components of the precision attachment system.
  • Ball Retained Attachments – in this system, a ball type of attachment is provided over each implant, while the corresponding female attachment is provided over the fitting surface of the denture.

What Are the Benefits?

Thinking why you should get rid of your conventional dentures are try out the implant supported dentures? Here’s why:

  • Enjoy a Beautiful Smile – what could be better than enjoying the convenience of dental implants and getting your missing teeth restored with the help of your dentures? Now you can smile again with, thanks to the implant supported dentures!
  • Excellent Comfort and Convenience – with your implant supported dentures, you don’t have to worry about your dentures slipping out of your mouth every time you speak or eat anything!
  • Improved Chewing Capability – owing to the excellent retention and stability to the dentures provided by the dental implants, now you can eat all types of foods that you were unable to enjoy when you wore your conventional dentures.
  • Cost Saving – which would be better, getting all your missing teeth restored by using a denture that is supported 3-4 dentures, or getting an implant for each missing tooth? Yes, implant supported dentures are certainly more cost effective, reliable and convenient!

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