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Diagnostic Services at Desai Clinic

Modern dentistry is a far cry from the ancient practice which consisted only of ‘live with the pain or I will extract the tooth’. Today when you walk into Desai clinic we will not propose any solution until we have listened to your complaint or desire, and thoroughly assessed your oral condition with the help of state of the art diagnostic equipment. Diagnostic facilities at Desai clinics cover a complete range of assessments and measurements. At Desai-dental, we possess state of the art diagnostic aides that will ensure that your problem is swiftly and accurately diagnosed.


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Digital X-rays

Digital X-ray image can show the inside condition of one or more teeth in one mini-film. It will tell your dentist whetherTechnology Dental X rays there is infection in the root, or caries damage in the tooth. This information can decide the course of treatment.
Intraoral X-ray is the most common X-ray diagnostic method in dentistry. It is called ‘intraoral’ because the film is held inside the patient’s mouth. Both, the film and the X-ray source, are held stationary during the exposure. The whole procedure takes less than a minute. Intraoral radiographs are helpful in a variety of different situations such as assessing the location and extent of caries damage, location of, endodontic file, infection, etc. A wide range of clinically important dental views become available e.g. occlusal, periapical, bite wing, Full Mouth Series (FMS) etc.
Digital Panoramic x-rays or OPGs have the ability to image all the teeth of a person in one exposure in a matter of seconds. It is able to show defects in occlusion (bite) which an intraoral x-ray cannot. Some modern systems have capability for extra-oral bitewing and other types of imaging also.
Digital Cone Bean Scanning is the latest type of x-ray system in dentistry. It gives the dentist a 3-D view of the teeth. How does it work? In simple words teeth are x-rayed from different aspects, and powerful software then generates 3-D data for the entire region x-rayed. This type of x-ray is very helpful in planning all sorts of treatments and restorations including those involving implants. The data can be digitally stored for reference and later use. Powerful software are available which will yield any type of view on a digital screen.

Caries Detection Equipment

It is true that the explorer is still widely used to detect and assess caries. But modern caries detection systems are able to detect caries at a much earlier stage thus offering greater flexibility in treatment. Some system employ lasers to cause fluorescence of the tooth and others detect light passing through the tooth to determine the presence of invisible caries.

Oral Cancer Detection

Oral Cancer can kill many thousands of Americans every year. Dentists have oral cancer detection systems which use tissue fluorescence, or scan brush biopsy samples, to detect signs of oral cancer. This can help treat this deadly disease at an early stage.

Salivary Diagnostic Tests

Facilities to diagnose all problems related to the salivary glands are also available at Desai Dental.

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