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Porcelain veneers can cover teeth that are stained, crooked, or discolored. The thin covers are placed permanently on teeth that have been prepared in order to beautify the smile. This simple procedure can replace more expensive and time consuming restoration procedures, helping patients to enjoy a smile that they can wear with confidence more quickly.

Veneers Can Benefit Many Patients

If the teeth are crooked or slightly gapped, patients that do not wish to get braces or undergo more intense orthodontic treatment will benefit from veneers. Patients with permanently stained teeth or teeth that are not as white as desired may appreciate veneers. Individuals that have naturally small teeth or teeth that have been cracked or chipped may also wish to enhance the look of teeth with veneers.

Should Some Patients Refrain from Getting Veneers?

While most patients with good oral health are good candidates for veneers, patients that have gum disease or significant decay may require other treatments besides veneers. Patients that have conditions or habits that contribute to poor oral health or the less than ideal appearance of teeth, such as tooth grinding may need to address issues before veneers will be an appropriate option. If teeth are significantly gapped or if crookedness affects oral health, veneers may not be recommended. A dentist may recommend other options that can be more helpful.

Placing Veneers

Veneers are relatively simple to place and can usually be placed in just two visits. First, the dentist must remove a portion of the teeth that the veneers will be placed over so that the veneers to not affect the bite or comfort. Next, an impression is taken of the prepared teeth so that the veneers can be perfectly molded to fit the mouth. After checking for fit and look, the veneers are attached to the teeth using dental cement.

Veneers Are Permanent

Veneers are a permanent option, unlike dentures. Veneers do not have to be removed and can generally be cared for just like natural teeth. Veneers will last for years, but will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. Veneers do not need to be replaced or repaired unless they crack, stain, or come off, so it is obvious when these procedures are needed. The procedures for repairing and replacing veneers are as simple as the procedure to place veneers initially, so there are usually not unexpected expenses or issues involved.

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