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What are the Benefits of a Whiter Smile?

See what science has to say about your pearly whites.
Read Time: 5 Minutes | Jul 27, 2020

What are the Benefits of a Whiter Smile?

See what science has to say about your pearly whites.
Read Time: 5 Minutes | Jul 27, 2020
What are the Benefits of a Whiter Smile?

Have you ever heard someone state that the simple act of smiling can put you in a better mood? This is because facial motion is linked to mood changes. The changes in muscle tightness in your face causes an increase in blood flow temperature to the brain and can influence mood. With that being said, if smiling alone can cause a shift in mood, what are the benefits of a healthy, white smile?

62% of people said they would spend their money on treatments if they could improve imperfections in their teeth. Is this money well-spent? We break down the science behind the benefits of a whiter smile in this article.

The Effectiveness of a Straight Smile on First Impressions

Men shaking hands
Kelton Global conducted a study focused on first impressions. In this study, they found that more adults found smiles to be the most memorable thing when first meeting a person (48%) in comparison to the first thing a person said (25%). This shows that people aren’t tuned in to what you’re saying so much as how your teeth look. It’s enough to make us all feel a bit self-conscious.

Perceived Confidence

Even confidence is perceived differently in those who have a less than perfect smile. People consider those with imperfect teeth to be 25% less confident on average than a person with a straight, white smile.

Some of this perceived confidence may come from the individual themself. Someone who is comfortable with their teeth and smile is more likely to be exuberant and outgoing. Whereas, a person with a lack of confidence in their smile, may lean toward being more meek and inward because they are not confident in their appearance.

The Benefits of Straight Smiles for Progressing Your Career

Women meeting at work
According to the Crown Council (an Association of Independent Dental Practices), 74% of adults feel an imperfect smile can hinder career growth and success. People can’t help but make judgments about a person based on appearance. Unfortunately, the person making a judgment call could be what is standing between you and a new job or promotion.

Studies show yet again those with a straight, white smile are considered to be 58% more likely to be wealthy and to be successful in their career. These are based on studies of perception. But what do real-life facts show us?

Poor Oral Health Can Keep People from Becoming Employed

A study done on a group of individuals with major oral health problems living on welfare showed how your smile alone can contribute to a cycle of poverty and unemployment. The group studied was given all necessary dental treatment after which their employment outcome and quality of life (QoL) were measured.

Those who had dental work completed were twice as likely to achieve a favorable employment outcome than an unfavorable employment outcome. The group who completed their dental work was also twice as likely to obtain favorable employment outcomes compared to those who did not start or finished their treatment.

How Straighter, Whiter Smiles Benefit Your Dating Life

Couple smiling outside
Kelton Global’s study found that 45% of people consider a ‘nice’ smile to be the most attractive feature a person can have. 40% of women and 35% of men consider potential partners to be less attractive if they don’t have a perfect smile. conducted a study based on the profiles present on their site. From their data, they found most women want respect and men want someone to confide in. So what’s the problem? Both men and women rated teeth as the top most important feature of a potential partner. Teeth rank even above having good grammar, nails, hair, tattoos, and car choice (the other top contenders for first place).

Biologically and psychologically this all makes perfect sense. Good teeth are a direct sign of good health and limited risky behavior like smoking or drinking.

Bad Breath is Often Considered a ‘Deal Breaker’ in the Dating World

While the same rule can apply to an individual’s professional and social lives, bad breath in the dating scene will turn plenty of dates into negative experiences. Another unfortunate effect of poor oral health and often unattractive teeth is halitosis. Halitosis or bad breath can occur because of poor oral hygiene habits or due to a broken tooth among other more serious causes.

80% of people said if they went on a date with someone who had bad breath they wouldn’t go back out with them again. Unless you had onions and garlic for dinner, it’s likely the cause of your halitosis is due to poor oral health. Ensure you are practicing good oral hygiene and see our dentist if your bad breath continues.

Improved Social Lives in Relation to Better Smiles

Friends hanging out outside
Much of what studies have found are the psychological results of a straighter, whiter smile. While people have been shown to hold those with pearly whites in a more positive light than those with crooked or stained teeth, the positives of a ‘good’ smile are just as much in the mind of the person the smile belongs to.

According to a dental esthetics study, the self-perceived satisfaction an individual has with their smile will be a direct indicator of how healthy their social and psychological behaviors are. In the study, researchers found tooth color was the problem causing the most dissatisfaction. Take a look at these statistics to show how people begin to alter their behavior because of their personal dislike for their smile:

  • 27% of people will avoid showing their teeth when smiling
  • 22% of people will avoid having their picture taken
  • 18% of people will cover their mouth when smiling

People who are confident in their smiles are less likely to act in ways that may be labeled as shy or demure.

How to Improve Your Smile

You can’t change people’s perceptions of those with ‘bad’ versus ‘good’ smiles, but you can play the cards in your favor by ensuring your smile is up to par. Luckily, keeping a good smile is part of general oral hygiene. Those who take care of their teeth with regular professional cleanings and good oral hygiene habits tend to naturally have the sought after straight, white smile.

Cosmetic dentistry, whether it’s fixing a few minor imperfections or giving your mouth a makeover, can be broken down into the following different treatments:

  • Bonding
  • Bridges
  • Veneers
  • Implants
  • Whitening
  • Orthodontics

If you’ve decided to take advantage of the benefits associated with a better smile, you can enlist the help of both at-home and professional cosmetic dentistry procedures. Cosmetic dentistry can help you to fix discoloration, correct broken teeth, and straighten teeth. On average, these procedures can cost as low as $350 depending on the severity and the number of teeth affected.

Contact us to learn about the cosmetic dentistry plan that’s right for you.