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Absolutely! And not one but more than one connections!

First of all, your teeth must chew and grind properly what you eat so that it can be digested properly. A healthy set of teeth will turn the solid food into a crushed mass. Saliva produced in the mouth will mix with this food and convert larger sugar molecules into smaller ones which can be absorbed by the body more easily. Food processed by the mouth passes through the throat into the stomach which does a good follow up job. However, as people say, ‘there are no teeth in the stomach’. The stomach cannot chew for the mouth! Unless the food has been crushed properly by the teeth, the stomach cannot do its job properly. From the stomach the food passes into the smaller intestine and then the larger intestine. This is where the various useful ingredients of food are extracted. That is possible only if the food has been thoroughly processed by the mouth and then the stomach.

Your taste buds are in your mouth. That is a proof of the importance nature gives to role of your mouth in the food assimilation process. Through the incentive of taste, it tempts you into chewing food more thoroughly and for a longer time. The fact is that the efficacy of your digestive system depends on the health of your oral cavity, of which the teeth are the stars.

If you cannot eat properly you cannot absorb nutrition and you cannot be physically healthy. Your oral cavity controls your health. Period!

Secondly, your mouth is the only port into what is medically known as the ‘alimentary canal’, or the food canal. All that we eat must go through our mouth. It passes to the stomach after thorough crushing by the teeth and mixing with saliva, touching all parts of the oral cavity in this process.  From the stomach the entire body is supplied with this food, including all the vital organs. If there is any infection resident in the mouth, the food will also get infected, and this infection will travel to the different organs of the body. If it happens, all your essential organs are liable to be infected because those must be supplied with this food in one form or the other: the stomach itself, the intestines, the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, muscles, bones, nerves, the brain, (my God!). Nothing is safe.

And thirdly, there is another similarly important route of infection transmission. Your air intake is through your nose which directly communicates with your oral cavity. Can you think of living for a few minutes without breathing?  We can probably live without eating for a few days, not even a few minutes without breathing. This air intake also reaches all parts of the body and has the potential to carry infection from the oral cavity to all essential organs. What havoc it can play one can only imagine!

The purpose of this information is not to scare you. Rather, it is to inform you and to forewarn you. Forewarned is forearmed! A simple toothbrush with good, regular hygiene habits is all you need to arm yourself against teeth cavities and dental infections.

Oral Hygiene

What are those good oral hygiene habits? Very simple!

  • Brush and floss twice daily. Always brush in a sequence, and patiently, spending at least two minutes in the process. A suggested sequence is:

Top jaw:

Outer surfaces of teeth starting from the right, ending at the left.

Inner surfaces of teeth, starting from the left. (Your brush has already reached there)

Lower jaw:

Outer surfaces of teeth starting from the right, ending at the left.

Inner surfaces of teeth, starting from the left and ending at the right.

  • Use brush vertical motions so that some bristles will touch the areas between the teeth.
  • Visit your dentist regularly. He will be able to note and point out any deficiencies in your hygiene. He will remove the plaque that may have defied your best efforts. He will also be able to detect early any tendencies towards disease like decay, or gum infection.

Follow my advice and the advice of your dentist, and can hope to have an excellent dental and physical health.

Wishing you the best of health!