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Many individuals avoid going to the dentist because they claim they can’t afford it. Dental care without insurance can be expensive. However, dental insurance is more available than ever before and many plans can be purchased through the Marketplace for around ten dollars. No matter how you get yourself to the dentist and pay for the bills, make sure you go. While dental care may be tough to pay for, the consequences of not going to the dentist can be much more costly.

Cleaning and Check-Ups May Be Free

If you have dental insurance, you can usually get two check-ups and cleanings with no out-of-pocket expense to you. If you do not have dental insurance, you may still be able to get a check-up and possibly a cleaning free if you are a new patient, as many offices offer this. Before skipping your check-up, see if you can get into an office free of charge. You may be able to get on top of your dental health for less than you think.

Detecting Issues Early Can Save Money

Gum disease and tooth decay are extremely common issues that can creep up quickly. Treating gum disease calls for scaling and root planning procedures, which can cost a few hundred dollars. Fillings usually cost under $100, and can save you from having to get more intensive work such as root canals done. Even these procedures can be less costly than having to have bone grafting done and implants put in, which can happen if issues are allowed to progress untreated.

Issues with Oral Health Can Affect General Health

The consequences of not going to the dentist and taking care of your teeth extend beyond your teeth. Gum disease has been linked to a number of health problems, including heart attacks, dementia, and diabetes. Mothers with gum disease are also at higher risk for premature birth, which can affect babies in many ways. Having inflammation in the gums inhibits the immune response as the body is constantly working to fight the infection there. Allowing plague from the mouth to get into the blood stream can cause cardiovascular problems.

Tips to make dental care more affordable:

  • Search online for coupons and discounts – many dentists offer new patient deals
  • Seek out a dental school
  • Search for dentists that work on a sliding scale
  • Get a second opinion regarding major work
  • Get dental insurance