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If you have made New Year’s resolutions to improve your health this year, adding flossing may help your dental health and overall health more than you realize. Flossing is a simple task that only takes a few minutes, but is widely shunned by many individuals. Instead of making excuses for why you don’t want or need to floss, pick up the string and make this your healthiest year yet!

Get the Right Tools for the Job

Some people don’t floss because it is uncomfortable or difficult. If you have issues wrapping the regular floss around your fingers or getting it in between tightly spaced teeth, acquiring certain tools may help make flossing easier for you. Plastic flossers hold the floss open so that you can simply navigate the instrument between your teeth using the tiny handle. Water pics help to flush out food particles from between your teeth using water, rather than abrasive string. Plaque removers and brushes may also be helpful.

Pick a Time and Stick with It

It’s not necessary to floss at exactly the same time every day, but committing to flossing around the same time every day can help you work the task into your daily routine. Right before bed or right after waking up are good times to work flossing in, as this is generally when you perform other hygienic tasks. It doesn’t matter whether you floss before or after brushing, either, both are just as effective. However you decide to work flossing into your daily routine, just be sure to stick with it!

Start Right Away

The problem with resolution-style commitments is that most of us decide to wait until a specific time to start improving. The commitment is set for Monday morning or tomorrow morning, or something to that effect. When the time comes, if we are running late or stressed, the commitment gets brushed off. Instead of waiting, resolve to start flossing everyday right away!

Remember the Benefits of Flossing

It is often helpful to periodically remind yourself why you have made a commitment to improve something. It may be beneficial to jot down a few benefits of flossing and keep the list right near your toothbrush so that your source of inspiration is close to the floss or other flossing tools listed above. Being able to glance at the reasons for your decision daily will make you that much more likely to stick with the commitment.

Some of the benefits of flossing include:

  • Healthier and more resilient gums
  • Cleaner and whiter teeth
  • Decreased risks of gum disease and cavities
  • Better smelling breath
  • May help eliminate illness-inducing bacteria from the mouth
  • Can help preserve heart health